Critiques: Alternative Theories of the Attack

Of the vast number of alternative theories of the attack, we focus on those supported by evidence. Thus we neither attempt to describe the range of alternative theories nor the refutations of them. Indeed the publicity given to ill-founded alternative theories typically serves as a distraction from the plausible ones.


Destruction of WTC 1, 2, and 7

The principal alternative to the official theory that the WTC skyscrapers spontaneously collapsed due to strucutral damage and fires is the general theory that they were felled by controlled demolition. Serious critiques of the demolition theory did not begin to appear until 2005.

Demolition of the Twin Towers

Theories that the Twin Towers were destroyed by controlled demoltion have been addressed by NIST and by Brent Blanchard who writes for Both of the following critiques use the argument that because the destruction of the Twin Towers proceeded from top to bottom, they could not have been controlled demolitions.

Military Response to the Attack

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