Scholars for 9/11 Truth

The group named Scholars for 9/11 Truth was founded in late 2005, and identified with the website [Feb. 3 2006] framed by the domain

In December of 2006, a majority of the original membership voted to adopt a new governing structure and new website, and

The domains and were apparently regestered in late 2005, and eventually became the home of a website controlled by James Fetzer, who claims to have founded Scholars For 9/11 Truth. Featuring the work of Steven E. Jones and David Ray Griffin, the group signed on several hundred members by late 2006.

Since its inception, the website promoted unscientific claims, such as "no-plane theories", alongside the scholarly works it featured. Jim Hoffman, who created in 2003, publicly observed that the website did not reflect the views of the group's membership in his February 2006 essay Muddling the Evidence.

By the 2006 anniversary of the attack,, (and several other websites mirroring some or all of its content) was openly promoting theories that nuclear bombs and/or space beams were used to destroy the Twin towers, and began featuring a series of articles with ad-hominem attacks against Steven Jones. Following the December vote of the members to adopt a new governing structure, James Fetzer threatened legal action against the owner of the and

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